Gastrolyte Eff Lemon

Sodium Chloride 0.117g/Anhydrous Citric.384g/Potassium Chloride .186g/Anhydrous Glucose 1.62g/Sodium Bicarbonate .336g

Gastrolyte Effervescent rapidly replaces the fluids and minerals lost when infants, children and adults suffer from acute, watery diarrhoea or vigorous prolonged exercise. This speeds recovery and helps you feel better sooner.

Dose Two tablets dissolved in 200ml of water in measure provided, as required (e.g. 1 or 2 doses after each loose motion). Each tablet contains: Glucose anhdrous BP 1.62g Potassium Chloride BP 186mg Sodium Chloride BP 117mg Citric Acid Anhydrous BP 384mg Sodium Bicarbonate 336mg

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