N/W Kids Smart Trio Caps 60 522508

Fish oil 500mg,Omega3 180mg,Docosahexaenoic 133mg,Eicosapentaenoic 28mg

Kid Smart Trio contains three different, deliciously wild fruit flavours, all in one pack. Great forkids who love exploring new flavours or families with kids who have different taste favourites - Kids Smart Trio keeps everybody happy!

Experiment and explore which flavours you like best. Choose from three delicious fruit flavours; combine different flavours for fruit combos, or enjoy a different flavour for each day of the week.

TWIST & SQUIRT: 1. Twist or cut off the tail of the KIDS SMART Fish Burstlet. 2. Squeeze the fish body, delivering a precise dose of Fruity Fish Oil straight into your child's mouth or onto your child's favourite food. Scissors can be used to snip end off burstlet if necessary.

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