N/W Protein Powder Van 400g 522591

Soy Protein,Inulin,Vegetable Gum,Minerals,Green Tea 1%,Vit D

Nature s Way Instant Natural Protein Vanilla is a delicious way to get your daily protein needs and to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Nature’s Way Instant Natural Protein is ideal for: Muscle recovery When exercising, your muscle tissue and cells wear down and sustain damage. Protein is necessary to rebuild muscle for faster recovery. Weight loss Protein keeps you feeling full, suppresses appetite and excess protein does not turn to fat. Nature’s Way Instant Natural Protein is also low in carbohydrates and fat but high in protein, so it’s a perfect way to help you lose weight. Energy Protein is a long lasting sustained energy source, giving your cells the proper nutrition you need to stay active all day long.

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